Closet Cleanse

( 3 – 5 hour in-home consultation )

If you feel like you wear the same outfit(s) all the time, have recently lost or gained weight, pregnant or recently had a baby, are starting a new job or in career transition, or simply want to refine your wardrobe, then this service would be a great fit for you. A personal closet consultation takes place in your home and gives me a chance to analyze your current wardrobe, see what is lacking, and help you fill in the missing pieces to get the most out of each garment. From here, you can gain a better understanding of how to work with what you already have and build a solid foundation to inform your future purchases.

Closet consultations give you the opportunity to discard what is no longer serving you and I even take care of donating the items to a charity. As we go through every piece one by one, I’ll organize your closet so that you can streamline your “getting dressed” routine in the morning. You’ll only be left with pieces that flatter your body, skin tone, lifestyle and make you feel great! After we are done in your closet, I will create a list of key pieces to invest in so that you will have a cohesive, functioning wardrobe that allows you to get the maximum use out of everything you have. You will find this process to be life-changing, epiphany-filled, and liberating.

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