Complete Transformation

( 3 separate appointments, ideally in the same week )

••••••••••••••• SORT •••••••••••••••

( 3 – 4 hour in-home consultation )

Step-1 | Get to know you
In the comfort of your own home, we will sit down as I listen to you talk about your lifestyle, your dreams, goals, shopping habits and what aspects of your wardrobe could use some fresh ideas.

Step-2 | Closet Edit + Organization
After I’ve gotten to know a bit about you, I will take a look at your current wardrobe to see what is and isn’t working for you. This means going through every article one by one as we refine your wardrobe by eliminating (or altering) pieces that do not fit properly, are not current, are not relevant to your lifestyle or do not reflect your true style. I’ll organize your closet so you can streamline your “getting dressed” routine in the morning and you’ll only be left with pieces that are flattering and make you feel great!

Step-3 | Create a shopping list
After your closet and wardrobe are organized, I will create a list of key pieces for you to invest in so that you will have a cohesive, functioning wardrobe that will allow you to get the maximum use out of everything you own. I will also share some tips for stress-free shopping that will help you avoid ineffective purchasing habits.

Step-4 | Budget
Together we will come up with a reasonable budget based on your wardrobe priorities and shopping list. We will be mindful of the practicality of each item and be sure to invest in pieces that will be worn for many years and that will work with a variety of different outfits. Remember that the more versatile a piece is, the less you are actually paying for it per use. Even a slightly more expensive (but well made and timeless) item will end up costing less in the long run as it becomes a go-to piece in your wardrobe.


••••••••••••••• SHOP •••••••••••••••

( 4 – 5 hours total at multiple shops )

With careful consideration of your lifestyle, age group, body type and budget, we can either shop together or I can pre-shop for you and have a variety of items waiting for you in the dressing room when you arrive. Shopping alone can be stressful and lead to impulse buys and buyers remorse, but having my guidance will help you to learn more effective habits in your shopping and I can provide an objective eye in the dressing room. I’ll pick out clothing that will fit into your new wardrobe, be useful with multiple outfits and help you add the right flare and energy to your wardrobe.

I will share my tips and philosophies during the course of our shopping trip(s) to help reduce shopping anxiety. We will increase your self-esteem and build confidence by staying focused and positive while I show you how to best flatter the body you have now. If you are in the process of losing weight or recovering from a recent (I use that term loosely) pregnancy, I will keep that in mind as we shop so that the selected pieces will compliment your figure at any stage of your physique.


••••••••••••••• STYLE •••••••••••••••

( 2 -3 hours in-home session )

Now that we have cleared out the old and brought in the new (or “gently used” depending on where we shop) we can get to the most fun part of this journey – styling your complete wardrobe into fresh and exciting outfits! With your new complete wardrobe, getting dressed will become easy! You will have an outfit for any event.

In this session, I will put together as many outfits as possible for you and take pictures on your phone so that you can refer back to them when I am not around. I will show you different ways to wear things you already have, and integrate the new pieces you bought into your classic looks to give them the extra something that was missing. I’ll also take detailed notes so that we can build upon your existing wardrobe at future styling sessions as well as curate a personalized inspiration board with specific styling ideas just for you.

Once we are done with all 3 appointments, I will be available if you ever need some feedback on an outfit that you put together, text a picture from the dressing room or get my advice before making an online purchase. If you would like to schedule another styling appointment down the road once the season changes or if you are starting a new chapter of your life, we can always just do a shop and style session as the clutter in your closet will be eliminated.