Image for the Workplace


Are your staff members conveying the message and ethos of your company’s brand? Do you feel concerned that some of your associates (and maybe even you!) are dressing in a manner that is holding the company back? Employees are an extension of your company’s brand and their appearance should be held up to same standards as their performance. A positive first impression can turn a short encounter or meeting into a long term association.

I received a BFA in Graphic Design and know the importance of brand presentation in the business world. The way employees look and behave is just as important as the graphic and interior design of a business, so why wouldn’t you hire a professional to help with that aspect of your company as well? Studies show that dressing well can increase your income and business. In addition, clients and customers take you more seriously.

93% of interpersonal communication is non-verbal. When we meet someone, our judgment or assessment is based on non-verbal data like physical appearance, dress, and body language. If this person we meet represents a business, that first impression is also associated with their company. For companies, I can teach your employees how to properly reflect your brand identity with a strong image that communicates the business profile you desire.

For individuals who are looking for employment or advancing in their current job, I provide a competitive edge in obtaining new opportunities by making sure that the first impression is a strong one. From interview attire to big presentation outfits and a versatile business-casual wardrobe, looking your best is just as important as being on your best behavior. Let me help you make dressing for work an effortless task and give you ideas about how to better represent the aesthetics of your company or industry.



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New study: What you wear could affect how well you work By: Jena McGregor