Made in the USA


I am the premiere stylist in the arena of American-made fashion. Immediately after beginning my journey to become a personal wardrobe stylist, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach when it came time to go shopping after my first closet cleanse. I realized that 95% of the new clothing sold in boutiques and malls is made overseas, and this didn’t feel right to me. I started to compile a list of brands that I like, and spent incalculable hours tumbling down the internet wormhole to find as many American-made brands as I could in order to provide an alternative to the cheaply-made “fast fashion” wares we find all around us.

The result of my research has led me to launch the most comprehensive and design oriented website on the internet dedicated to streamlining the quest for American-made goods.


It is of the utmost important to me (and our economy) that we support domestic manufacturing and help provide good jobs and quality goods to the citizens of this country. In general, I have found American-made goods to be of a higher standard, to be longer lasting and are made with pride by the people who are helping to fuel the revival of American manufacturing.