Sustainable Closet


Are you sick of having a closet full of foreign-made, sweatshop labor clothing and accessories? Are you feeling guilty about buying things with cheaper prices at the expense of other people and our environment? Is your closet the next point of interest in your plan to ‘go green’ but you are unsure how to get started? I am here to help change that!

I began this journey for myself (read more on my Made in the USA page) a year ago and let me tell you – it is worth the time and money. After a brief Q&A to determine your needs and wants, I will help you in navigating through this greener world (virtual or in-person) by providing useful tips, books, articles and methods to minimize your footprint. By focusing on sustainable, organic, vintage, consignment and locally produced fashion, I transform your wardrobe into something you can feel good about both on your body and on the hanger.

Having an eco-friendly wardrobe does not mean that you have to dress like a frumpy hippie in shapeless hemp tunics. There are so many ways to shop brands that use low-impact dyes, responsible raw material sourcing, sustainable manufacturing processes, green energy, recycled and repurposed materials… the list goes on and on. To find the companies that are actually making attractive clothing using these principles is a lot of work. The good news is, I’ve already done that work for you! Whether we shop in person or online, new or used, it is totally possible. To know that what you wear on the outside of your body is in alignment with the values and morals that are important to you in the other areas of your life is completely satisfying. Check out www.noevil.com and read Greta Egan’s book on the subject.