Why Hire a Stylist?

A lot of people write off “style” as something frivolous or only reserved for the rich and famous, but that is so far from the truth. I believe that everyone has their own story and their own voice. Often times, we make assumptions and judgements about a person by the way they look before they have the chance to speak.


 The reality is, most people wear 20% of their closets 80% of the time.
My goal is to help you create a wardrobe where you enjoy wearing 100% of it.

If we can take a more mindful approach to the way in which we put ourselves together on the outside, we immediately notice the shift within and the way in which others perceive us. “Looking okay” is okay… but why settle for okay in your self-expression? Once you have the experience of dressing with confidence and felt the glow of looking your absolute best, you’ll see what you’ve been missing!


Everything in life is connected, and dressing with the intention that this is not your practice life but instead your real and only life, will give you a higher energy and focus throughout your day. It will also communicate to others that you care about yourself, which impacts everything positively.


When you need to fix a leaky faucet, you call a plumber and when you get sick you seek help from a doctor. If you have a uninspiring, outdated or unsatisfactory wardrobe that doesn’t match your personality and goals, why wouldn’t you call a professional on that matter too? Even if you are already fashion savvy or happy with your current wardrobe, having an experienced and unbiased person (me!) will provide you with a whole new infusion of ideas and possibilities.


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